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Thursday, 17 February 2011

Koty / Cats

Oto jak świętowałam Międzynarodowy Dzień Kota - 17 lutego :) 
3 prace na Kocie Wyzwanie - Turkusowy Kot z Aniołem, tenże sam motyw na kartce oraz prosta karteczka z Pręgowanym Kotem :)

This is how I celebrated the World's Cat Day on 17th Feb :) 
I have painted these 3 cats for the Cat Challenge on my main blog.
A Whimsical Turquoise Cat with an Angel is my favourite as I've always loved magic late-night scenery :)
I've also repeated the same whimsical motif on an acetate experimenting with a combination of different colours and made a simple card with a ginger stripey cat.

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